December 04, 2020

Earrings to candles thats a stretch???

By Jemimah Thompson
Earrings to candles thats a stretch???

I know there would be a lot of you that would say those words and I don't blame you. Earrings and candles are in two completely different worlds. 

But I've been absolutely loving making things with my hands, and Im obsessed with candles, which is totally not a problem when everyone else does it right???

So for me candles was the next best step for me and MADE BY MIMA. Having something I could make, but also having something I could use and just sit back and enjoy. 

So here we are, making candles for you to admire, style or light. And once they are all used up you can use the jar for storage. So it's really a win win. 

I hope you love these hand poured candles as much as my husband and I loved making them for you.

Big love.

x Jemimah

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